Introducing Infinity 8: An LGBTQ+ Romantic Paranormal Fantasy Series

Infinity 8 is a queer paranormal fantasy series with romantic elements. The series itself will be split into two parts, with possible short stories in-between. It begins in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the year 1900.

Our cinnamon roll main character, Calico Winghorse, arrives from my yet-to-be-re-published epic fantasy universe. He’s broken out of that world and into his own series here on Earth. Calico is many things. A phoenix cloaked in a human costume. The God of Space and Time. A humble baker. He was raised in a realm and culture where two spouses are the norm, and a kiss is a marriage proposal.

Gus & Cal. Art by @nesokaiyoh

Agustin Chavez de la Cruz is the Demon Lord of California and our other main character. Gus doesn’t have time for relationships or even romance. He’s too busy being the Corporation’s front man and heir. He unwillingly draws Calico into Infinity Corporation politics, even as he tries to shield him from it.

I’ll get more in-depth with Cal and Gus in other posts, but now I wanted to share what Infinity 8 (I-8) is all about. The premise of this Infinity 8 series originally centered on angels recruiting vetted paranormal beings, as well as humans with extra abilities to form Infinity Corporation.

The Corporation, known as IC, protects Earth and its populace from an inter-dimensional empire. That is the Amaranth Empire, and it originates from Calico’s homeworld of Nura.

We’ll learn more about IC, and the Empire as the series goes on, but Cal and Gus will remain at the forefront of the tale.

The second half of this series will be set in modern day Half Moon Bay, California. There will be a few familiar faces from the earlier books, and new characters will show up as well. But don’t worry. There’s a lot more of Cal and Gus to come. đź’—

This site will act as a library or archive. A kind of online series bible. Compiled within it will be commissioned art, character profiles, world building information, musings and progress about the books I’m writing, and more.

Interested? The Demon Lord of California book 1 is now available.